Something Formed in Mind

Almost Famous | Verse 2 |

I’m back for revenge

I lost a battle that ain’t happening again
I’m at your throat like strep
I step, strapped with a pen
Metaphors wrote on my hand,
Some are just stored in my memory
some i wrote on a napkin
I do what I have to to win
Pull at it all stops, any who touch a mic prior’s
Not even Austin Powers, how the cuck are they Mike Meyers
And tell that psycho to pass the torch
To the whack before I take a shit in his Jack-O-Lantern
And smash it on his porch
Now get off my trick
Freaks too short a word for my brick
Get off my antidisestablishmentarianism, you prick
Don’t call me the champ; call me the space shuttle destroyer
I just blew up the challenger, matter fact I need a lawyer
I just laced my gloves wit’ enough plaster
To make a cast beat his fist sacred and peed in his corner like Vern Troyer
You’re the chokin backwards, you’re meni-me
See he’s in a whole nother weight class
He slugs, your BB’s your bean bag bullets
You’re full of it; you were dissin’ his CD’s
LAUGHED at Infinite, now he’s back like someone pissed in his wheaties
No peace treaties, he’s turned into a beast
His new Slim Shady EP’s got the attention of the mighty

Arrrrgh … 😉

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